In today’s episode, we have Stephanie Kizy and her partner Gabriel Wierzbicki with Pro Mortgage Funding

Pro Mortgage Funding is a full service Mortgage Broker. We assist our clients with mortgage refinancing, whether it’s to lower a rate or take cash out. We also specialize in purchases and work closely with agents to close these transactions fast and efficiently. We also offer home equity lines of credit and investor loans that are non-conventional. Our pricing is super competitive and we like to treat our clients like family and friends. It sounds cliche, but we don’t like to look at it as just a transaction. We have forgotten a lot of relationships with our clients and know exactly what benefits them because we understand their financial picture. Gabriel worked at JPMorgan Chase from 2003 to 2021. I was there from 2009-2021. We were both mortgage bankers. Gabriel mentored me for a few years until I learned the business and got my own branch. We took our big bank/corporate experience and implemented it into our business, just without the big bank pricing. We wanted to be able to start a company that offers a wide array of products to other clients, that big banks cannot offer. The big piece of our story was being too comfortable working corporate and spending years being too scared to let go, break away and finally listen to the voice in your head to “just do it.” COVID was our biggest motivator to exit the big bank and start our own company. We are very proud of what we have formed.

For more info, call or email him at:

(248) 210-3039 (personal)

(866) 388-8291 (Company)


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