Keeping Up with The Chaldeans 132

In today’s episode, we have Martin Hanna with Swing 180 Golf Academy

Martin teaches the fundamentals of the golf swing. He is a PGA Professional and the Head Pro at Paint Creek CC in Lake Orion Michigan. Martin Was named The New Head Golf Professional of Paint Creek Country Club in Lake Orion, MI. He earned his position after Assisting Steve Vickery for 1 year. He is well recognized in the Metro Detroit Area as a very passionate and relentless individual. He has shown great success in his coaching which is reflected by his student’s improvements and successes and feedback. Martin is a natural mentor and brings his own style of development and communication to the learning experience to play better golf. With extreme passion and enthusiasm, Martin’s goal is to simplify the swing into a more accessible and natural feel. He helps you understand your swing tendencies and why golf ball spins after impact the way that it does. Through His own Creativity and Knowledge, He’s able to explain the corrections needs and how to perform them. His main attribute is paying very close attention to detail. “Everything you learn comes from visualization. Being able to visibly see your golf swing and have it explained to you in an easy format is the most important element with Golf Instruction”. -Martin Hanna



Phone: 586.567.5677


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